Getting Started

When conducting a preliminary patentability search, typically you want to search in  application abstracts to find out if there are existing patents or applications that exist are similar to your invention. Juristat adds power and relevance to this type of search by enabling standard keyword search or similar document search.

Juristat Platform lets you choose what documents you want to search in, as well as the type of search you want to perform: similar document search or a standard keyword search.

Similarity Searching

Similar document (or similarity) searches can often give you more relevant results, especially in combination with restricting your search to specific document types. You can do a similarity search in the following types of documents:

  • Abstract

  • Claims

  • Description

Refine Your Results

You can use the filter bank to get some summary information about your search results and narrow them. For example, you might want to only look in a specific tech center.

You may also want to restrict your search to certain tech centers, art units, or USPC/CPC classes before you begin. 

Once you have your set of search results, you can click on any application to read the full specification, review the figures, and see the prosecution history of the application or patent.

Save Them for Later

You can also save your searches for easy reference later in your saved searches.


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