Juristat Platform is a powerful tool for finding potential clients or outside counsel, especially when used in conjunction with Business Intelligence. This help article will show you some simple steps to take to find opportunities for your organization, whether you're with a firm or in-house.

Finding Potential Clients

One of the best ways to get the most out of Juristat's Intelligence view is to use it to figure out what areas your firm files in the most, or where your firm performs well, and what potential clients frequently file in those areas.

To find out where your firm files the most (and who else is filing in those areas), use Juristat's search bar to look up your firm. 


Step 1: Use the search bar to look up your firm's Intelligence page.


Click on the name of your firm to go to your firm's Intelligence page.


Step 2: Use the dropdown to find your firm's most frequent (or most successful) art units or classes.

Once on your firm's intelligence page, you can choose to view your firms statistics by any of the options available in the dropdown menu.  Most likely, for researching potential clients, you'll want to use USPC or CPC class to identify a technology area you'd like to look into further.

Using the statistics on this view, you can identify classes or other areas where your firm seems to perform well.  (Hint, you can also click the "Add Entity" button to add that class or art unit as a whole to the comparison table so you can see how your firm performs versus the overall average!)

Step 4:  Dig in to your selected class or art unit to find potential clients.

After you've identified a class or art unit you'd like to target for additional work, you can click on the link for that class or art unit (or just search for it using the search bar) to find out who files frequently in that area and how they perform. 

Once you've gotten to the Intelligence page for your class or art unit, use the dropdown to view applications in that data set by "Assignee at Disposition" to see the biggest filers that you may want to approach for additional work in that area!

Juristat Tip: The filter bank is always available to help you tailor your analysis to a specific type of application, time period, examiner, and more.

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