You may have noticed the Timing Options toggle at the top of your Intelligence reports or in your assignee and firm filters on Juristat. Juristat provides the ability to view intelligence statistics and application counts calculated based on the entity currently assigned to an application at the USPTO, or the entity assigned at the time an application was disposed (either allowed or abandoned).



When to use Assignee/Firm at Disposition

When the data has changed after granting or abandoning. For example, some assignees will change the firm of record back to themselves after patents are granted, such that the firm won’t get credit in the “current” data, but showing data at time of disposition should give credit to the firm.

When to Use Current Assignee/Firm

You may want to use the Current Assignee/Firm setting in a couple instances:

  • If the in-house counsel at an assignee has a practice of putting the company or their own name as the prosecuting entity on patented applications even though the applications were prosecuted by outside counsel, the "Current Assignee/Firm" setting will check the current correspondence address which likely still reflects the prosecuting firm and allow the Business Intelligence Report to reflect that the applications were prosecuted by outside counsel.

  • If you are more interested in the current portfolio of an assignee or firm. 

Because we can’t always know the full extent of the relationships between every assignee and every firm, we give our clients the option to see both, so they can decide which makes more sense for that assignee-firm relationship. 

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