Table View

You can export up to 4,000 applications to a .csv file from Table View. Your export will include any columns you have currently selected to view in Table View.

Once you've configured your Table the way you want it, click the export button at the top of the screen. 

Once the export is finished, you'll receive a link to download it via email. Learn more about exporting to a .csv from Juristat Search.

Examiner Reports

Because the data in our Examiner Reports is so varied, we do not include the option to export all of it to a .csv. However, when you hover over many of our charts, helpful tool tips will provide you with the background data used in the calculation.

If you're curious about the data behind any given section of an examiner report, just ask.

We always want to know what you find useful so we can make our reports as valuable to you as possible.

Intelligence Reports

Our Intelligence reports include an "Export to CSV" option below the Key Metrics table. Clicking it will save a .csv file to your downloads folder that contains all the key metrics for all firms or assignees in the table (not just those you're viewing on the first page), allowing you to perform your own custom analysis.

In addition to key metrics, you also have the option to export the Similar Applications and Significant Cited Art tables.


Drafting provides the ability to export data about your predicted classes, art units, and technology centers as well as information about similar applications and significant cited art.

To export any of those sections to a .csv, use the "Export to CSV" option that appears below the Classification Results table. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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