You can print any of Juristat's Reports. However, because printing reports or saving them as PDFs removes the interactive functionality of our reports, we highly recommend giving additional people at your organization access to your Juristat subscription or sending your colleagues a link to the report you're viewing as an alternative. Additional users can then log in and view reports and take advantage of all the interactive filters and features.

As an added bonus, if you've customized a report view using filters, copying and pasting the URL for your report will retain those filters so that your colleague can immediately see the exact same view of the report you're sending.

Printing Examiner and Business Intelligence Reports

Use the "Print This Report" button on the upper right corner of the report. You can also use this button to save a PDF of any report using your printer's settings.

Printing Drafting and Juristat Search Results

Printing Juristat Search or Drafting results is as easy as clicking "File" and "Print" on your browser. On Juristat Search, you can print results either in card (more information) or table (more compact) format.

Note that each page of search results prints separately.  For example, clicking "print" while viewing the first page of results will print only the first page. To print a full set of search results, use the export function of Table view.

Common Printing Issues

Graphs are Cut-Off

If graphs are cut off or not printing properly, try checking your printer's settings.  

If your printer is using the 100% scale option, try changing it to decrease the scale or you may have a "shrink to fit" or "shrink to scale" option.

Fonts Not Rendering on Print View

Occasionally, certain print drivers or browsers do not render the fonts on our reports correctly and they look something like this: 

If that occurs you have a couple of options: 1) try a different printer or browser, or 2) instead of printing directly, select to "save as PDF" and try printing the PDF.

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