Keyword searching in Platform allows you to quickly access information about specific sets of applications. For instance, you can use keyword searching to: 

  • Identify applications that likely received Alice rejections, 
  • Keep track of applications in emerging technology areas, or
  • Find applications taking advantage of the AFCP or Track 1 programs.

Basic Operators

When performing a keyword search, operators indicate what terms to include, exclude, search as a phrase, and more.

  • Use AND to require each term to be included in results (a space between words is treated as an AND by default)
  • Use OR to require either both or one term be included in results
  • NOT or - adjacent to a word to exclude results containing a particular word or phrase
  • " " indicates a phrase
  • * at the end of a term signifies a prefix query
  • ( and ) signify precedence
  • ~N is a proximity search

Example Searches

  • robotic car will search for applications containing the terms "robot" and "car". 
  • robotic car -toy will search for applications that contain the terms "robot" and "car" and do not contain the word "toy".
  • robot* will search for applications where the root word "robot" appears. This will include both the words "robot" and "robotic".
  • "artificial intelligence" will search for applications containing the exact phrase "artificial intelligence".
  • "computer program"~3 will search for applications where the word "computer" appears within three words of the word "program."

Juristat Tip: Keep tabs on emerging tech by saving keyword searches. For example, search for blockchain OR "distributed ledger" and then save your search to re-run at any time to stay up to date.

Complex Example Searches

Rejection Searching

35 U.S.C. 102 Makato will search for applications where "35 USC 102" and "Makato" appear.  

Juristat Tip: If you have access to Platform's premium features, use the drop down menu to specify that you want to search for these terms in the text of final and non-final rejections only.

And apply the "Office Action Counts" filter to ensure that each result has received at least one office action.

Using the search above and altering "102" to "101" and "Makato" to "Alice" helps to identify applications that received Alice rejections. (See the results).

Document Code Searches

You can often search for applications of a specific type by using USPTO document codes as a search term.

For example, to identify applications using the AFCP program, you can search for the document code "A.NE.AFCP" or to identify track one applications, you can search for the document code "TRACK1.GRANT".

The USPTO has published a list of document codes and it is available at the bottom of this page by clicking the "Image File Wrapper Document Codes" link.

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