Practitioners often cite Technology Center (TC) 3600 as a hotbed of Alice rejections.  And they're right.  Alice rejections do abound in TC 3600, but is avoiding TC 3600 altogether the most efficient and practical way to limit your chances of a dreaded Alice rejection?  Maybe not.

Technology centers can encompass broad ranges of technology types. As many practitioners know, TC 3600 includes applications related to e-commerce and business methods, but it also includes applications related to transportation, agriculture, aeronautics, and more. Due to this expansive coverage, a prediction that you'll land in TC 3600 may not be the best indicator of whether your application is at risk for an Alice rejection. 

Instead, focusing on USPC class is often a better indicator of your likelihood of receiving an Alice rejection.

Individual Rejections Issued Since Alice

Since Alice was issued in 2014, only roughly one-quarter of the rejections issued in TC 3600 featured an Alice basis, while almost three-quarters of the rejections issued to applications assigned to Class 705 cited Alice, making Class 705 a better predictor.

In addition, it can often be very challenging (if not impossible) to change your predicted technology center significantly by simply altering a few words due to the breadth of technology covered; however, changing some words to alter the likelihood of ending up in Class 705 can be a bit more doable. 

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