The USPTO uses specific codes associated with each type of document filed in a prosecution. For example, a final rejection is associated with the document code "CTFR".  

Using Juristat Platform, you can search for applications that have had a specific type of document filed in their prosecution.

Why is That Useful?

Ever wanted to know how many Track One applications a specific assignee files?  How about how often a client or firm takes advantage of the AFCP 2.0 program? Or maybe you're looking for applications that filed a request to use the First Action Interview program. 

Using document code searching, you can quickly get a list of applications that likely had documents associated with those programs filed.  

How do I find Document Codes?

The USPTO provides a downloadable list of document codes here.

How do I Search for a Document Code? 

Searching for a document code is quick and easy.  Open a new search in Juristat and type the document code into the search bar and hit "enter." (Depending on the structure of the document code, you may want to put it in quotations.)

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