Below are some frequently asked questions about Juristat Office Action Response (OAR).  

Understanding the Basics

Question: What is Juristat Office Action Response? 

Answer: Juristat OAR detects issued office actions and, within a few business days, provides a packet containing the OCRed office action, office action response document (including a cleaned-up version of the most recent amended claims), Juristat's Art Unit and Examiner reports, a draft client letter, as well as both clean and annotated copies of the cited art. 

This tool automates the tedious aspects of converting an office action and previous claims into a document ready for the technical and legal arguments.

Question: What's included in the Office Action Response packet?

Answer: Depending on your organization's subscription level, OAR packets may include: 

OCRed Office Action

  • Searchable office action that is already scanned and put in PDF format allowing you to search the document as well as copy and paste into your arguments.

OA Response Document

  • A formatted office action response that includes customizable introductory language, bibliographic information, a current version of the claims (with any previous amendments cleaned up), and each rejection basis with the cited art and the relevant claims. 

Examiner and Art Unit Reports

  • Juristat's best-in-class Examiner and Art Unit Reports for your application, allowing you to quickly optimize your response strategy and easily communicate your reasoning to clients.

Client Letter

  • Pre-formatted letter to your client informing them of the rejections issued and the relevant cited art.  Send the letter to your client as-is, or quickly copy and paste the rejection description into an email.

Annotated and Clean Cited Art

  • Clean PDFs of the cited art as well as annotated PDFs which allow you to quickly scan the document and find exactly what sections your examiner cited against each claim.

Question: Who uses Juristat OAR? 

Answer: Our clients using this tool include both firms and in-house teams and the OAR packets are utilized by anyone that touches the patent prosecution workflow, including patent attorneys, agents, paralegals, and legal assistants.

Question: Why is this valuable? 

Answer: Juristat OAR automates the tedious aspects of converting an office action and previous claims into a document ready for the technical and legal arguments, saving paralegal, assistant, and attorney time so you can move on to more valuable tasks.

Question: Can I use Juristat OAR with private applications? 

Answer:  Yes. Juristat OAR subscriptions require your organization to use Juristat's Private PAIR integration feature so that we can provide OAR packets for all applications.

OAR Response Documents 

Question: What kind of markup does Juristat OAR clean up in recently amended claims?

Answer: Juristat OAR will clean up marked up amended claims using redlines, track changes (MS Word), strikethroughs, underlines, and brackets. It will also change all tags as needed (for example, changing "currently amended" tags to "previously presented"). 

In addition, if you have other requirements for your amended claims, just ask us!

Question: How does Juristat OAR do with chemical formulas?

Answer:  Chemical formulas can be tricky to automate, so we have a human review team that specifically makes sure that chemical formulas are displayed accurately in your claim language.

Question: Does Juristat OAR work for other types of office actions (like restriction requirements)?

Answer:  Juristat OAR is prepared to respond to any type of office action, including final and non-final rejections, restriction or election requirements, and ex parte Quayle actions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Question: My firm/client has specific office action response template preferences. Will the OA response documents use our firm's template(s)?

Answer: Yes. Your organization can send us office action response templates for different types of office actions, specific customer numbers, or specific attorneys (by registration number). We will use the information you provide to ensure that the proper template is used for each OA response document.

If you have any questions about Juristat OAR, please contact us for more information.

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