Juristat Invent is an invention management tool for in-house teams that allows inventors, IP professionals, managers, and outside counsel to collaborate quickly and easily to get new patent applications filed as quickly as possible.

Getting Started

To access Invent, log in to Juristat and you may need to click the lightbulb icon in the left navigation bar.

The home screen will display a list of inventions that you've added or that have been shared with you, depending on your role within the organization.  

In addition, the home screen offers the ability to text search, sort, and filter your viewable inventions so that you can always find the invention you need quickly.

Adding an Invention

To add an invention, click the "create new invention" button in the upper right corner. 

From there, you'll see a form where you can input the invention's title, estimated launch or publication date, and other information about the invention.

You will also be asked to add at least one tag to the application to aid your organization's reviewers in sorting and grouping applications. 

After you've described your invention and input other supporting information, you also have the option to add additional inventors, attachments, and supporting links to your disclosure. 

Once the required information is complete, the "Submit for Review" button in the upper right corner will become available.  Once you click "Submit for Review", you can no longer edit the disclosure. 


Reviewing Disclosures

Invent users with the "Reviewer" role can review submitted inventions. From the invention dashboard, click on an invention to review the description. 

At the top of the screen, you'll see an area where you can submit either an "up" or "down" vote on the invention.  

In addition, to the side of the invention description, you'll see clickable icons that will allow you to take additional action. 

The first icon allows reviewers to change the status of an application. If a disclosure needs to be altered after it is submitted, a reviewer can move the application back to the "draft" status to allow the inventor to make changes.

The second icon allows reviewers to leave comments and read comments of other reviewers.

Lastly, the envelope icon allows admins to directly email the disclosure to your organization's selected outside counsel using one of the template emails provided (or you can create custom template emails).

As always, please contact us with any questions you might have and feel free to schedule a training for yourself or your team at any time.

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