Whether it is your client's or that of the their competitor, you can easily keep tabs on any application by enabling Alerts inside Platform. Once enabled, Juristat will send you an email each Monday morning notifying you of important updates such as: 

  • Examiner Assignment or Change 
  • Final or Non-Final Rejection
  • Ex parte Quayle Action
  • Restriction or Election Requirement 
  • Notice of Allowance

By clicking the Alert icon (it turns green when Alerts are enabled), you indicate that you'd like to keep track of substantive changes in that application's prosecution. Depending on your current view, you can find these Alert icons located in two different places. 

Cards View:

Table View:

Have a lot of applications you interested in? Not a problem, you can set Alerts for any number of applications. Additionally, all of the important updates are conveniently rolled into just one email.

As always, please contact us with any questions you might have and feel free to schedule a training for yourself or your team at any time.

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