In order to compile a Business Intelligence report for any assignee, Juristat collects all the published applications and granted patents for the assignee and any subsidiaries of that assignee together to produce the report.  However, Juristat now provides the ability to create a custom report using Juristat's new raw names filter. This allows our clients to create a report for a specific subsidiary or group of subsidiaries on demand.


While the regular assignee filter allows you to search for the names of parent organizations and filter your search results to applications assigned to the parent organization or one of its subsidiaries, the raw names filter allows you to search the raw names of assignees that have filed applications.  

To access the raw names filter, first expand the "Assignee" filter on a search screen and click "Search Raw Names."

To perform a search, type all or part of the assignee name into the search bar of the raw names popup that appears.  

From there, you can check the boxes next to any assignee names you'd like to include in your search results. When you're finished making your selections, click "Apply" to run your search.

Viewing Subsidiary Information 

One of the primary uses of the raw names filter is to view application data about a subsidiary company separately from its parent organization's data. The quickest way to do that is to follow the steps below: 

1. Apply an assignee filter for the parent organization: 

2. Click "Search Raw Names" and type all or part of the subsidiary's name in the search bar. 

3. Select the raw entity names you'd like to include in your data set and click "Apply" to pull up applications assigned to your selected entity.

Once you've performed your search, you can view the applications individually in either the cards or table view, or you can view statistics about your set of applications in the charts view.

Create a Report for a Small Entity

Sometimes small filers are not available in Business Intelligence; however, you can still create a report for those entities using the raw names filter.  

To do this, first, expand the assignee filter and then click "Search Raw Names".  You can then follow the same steps as above to search for and select the raw names of your desired entity.

Once you click "Apply", you can then head over to the charts view to get overall statistics about the applications assigned to your entity.

See Subsidiaries Included in an Assignee's Business Intelligence Report

One of the frequent questions that our clients have is what subsidiaries are included in the report for a parent organization.  With the raw names filter, you can easily get this information on demand. 

1. To find this information, first, use the assignee filter to select the parent company and hit "Apply."

By applying a filter for the parent organization, you'll limit the raw names visible in the raw names filter to those that are currently included in the Business Intelligence report for the parent organization as a whole.

2. To see the names of those entities included in the parent organization's report, click the raw names filter after applying an assignee filter for the parent organization. 

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