With Juristat's latest update, users now have access to a wealth of new features!  


Juristat's new omnisearch bar allows users to quickly search for information about companies, firms, classes, art units, tech centers, and examiners.

Just start typing the name of a company, firm, or examiner, or the number of a tech center, art unit, or class and click the correct search result to get started!


Intelligence View

Juristat's previous charts view is now replaced by the intelligence view.  The intelligence view offers the same functionality as a Business Intelligence report, but with greatly expanded features!

Download Chart Data

Simply click the scroll wheel in the corner of any chart or graph to download the information displayed as either a .csv file or as an image file.

Create Custom Comparisons

With Business Intelligence reports, users were limited in what sets of applications they could add to their charts and graphs.  With the new Intelligence view, users have much more flexibility to create custom comparison charts to compare firms vs. firms, companies vs. companies, as well as the ability to add overall information about classes, tech centers, art units, and more.

Just click the "add entity" button to add overall statistics about any company, firm, tech center, art unit, or class to your comparison table and to the available charts below: 

In addition to adding entities, you can also choose how you want to view statistics about the applications included in your report using our suggested comparisons table. 

Use the drop down menus to view statistics about your chosen entities by firm, tech center, class, and more.

Updated User Interface

Juristat has a new user interface for our Examiner reports!  To access an examiner report, users can simply type the name of the examiner into the omnisearch bar and click the correct result.  Our new user interface provides faster searching and quicker report loading.

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