What are the benefits of private PAIR integration?

1. Always up to date application data. While Juristat is updating application data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there is a realistic limit to how often we can check any given application for updates through public data sources. Private PAIR integration allows Juristat to ensure that your organization's applications are up to date 100% of the time. 

2. Run analyses on ALL your applications.  When RFPs or other projects require you to answer questions like "how many applications have you filed in art unit 3622 in the past two years?", you'll be able to answer that question quickly using your organization's entire data set, not just the published applications. 

3. Receive application alerts. Private PAIR integration ensures that Juristat can provide timely application alerts for applications associated with your private PAIR integration. Read more...

How do we get private PAIR integration?

Setting up private PAIR integration is as easy as simply sponsoring a Juristat private PAIR account using the USPTO's sponsorship tool. 

To get started, contact us to request a Juristat private PAIR account to sponsor.  Once the sponsorship is complete, you're finished!  We will then set up your private Juristat instance and pull in the backlog of applications accessible through your sponsorship. Depending on the number of applications, this can take a week or two to complete. After that time, your applications will remain up to date.

How do I access my private applications? 

Once private PAIR integration is complete, you can access your applications by clicking the private PAIR toggle.

Clicking the toggle allows you access your private PAIR instance of Juristat where you can view your published and unpublished applications.

What can I see in my private PAIR instance? 

After clicking the private PAIR toggle, you'll be able to view any published or unpublished applications that are associated with customer numbers accessible through your organization's private PAIR sponsorship.

This means that you will likely see a combitation of unpublished and published applications in this view. 

To learn more about private PAIR integrations or get information about Juristat's data security, contact us.

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