Viewing Attorney Data in the Public Dataset

When you log in to Juristat, by default, you're viewing the public data in Juristat's database (for more information on the public vs. private datasets, click here).  In the public database, there are a few ways to obtain information about the individual attorney on an application. 

Table View Columns

In Juristat's Table View, there are two fields which can help associate an application with a particular attorney. 

Registration Numbers
The registration numbers field displays all attorney registration numbers listed on the "Address & Attorney/Agent" tab on PAIR.  Often, firms will list many attorneys on each application and, thus, this field may display many attorney registration numbers.

Signature Registration Numbers
The signature registration numbers field displays the registration number of the attorney that have actually signed substantive filings in the application's file history.  This field will more accurately detect the attorney(s) actually working on an application; however, it may not be available for all applications.

Importing/Saving Searches

Additionally, if you have a list of applications an individual attorney is working on, you can either copy and paste that list of application or publication numbers into the application or publication number filter, or use the "Import" feature to upload the list as a .csv.

Once you've either filtered to or uploaded your list of applications, click the save button to save your search in order to re-run it and update the data at any time.

Viewing Attorney Data with Private PAIR Integration

If your organization has Private PAIR integration with Juristat, you can also view information about individual attorneys by switching into your organization's private PAIR instance.

Once there, you can search for an attorney's name in the search bar at the top of the screen or you can use the attorney filter to see an individual attorney's applications:

Once you filter to an individual attorney's applications, you can use Juristat's Table View or Intelligence view to gather information about that attorney's applications.

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