Juristat offers the ability to set alerts on your applications based on specified prosecution events or filings, office action or response counts, and examiner metrics.

Customize Your Alerts

After setting an alert for an application, you can further customize when you'll receive an alert by using the alerts configuration screen. Access the alerts configuraion screen by clicking the scroll wheel in the bottom left corner:

To get started, click "add an alert configuration" and follow three easy steps to customize your alerts.

Step one, select a descriptive name for your alert configuration. You'll see the name of the alert in your alert emails to let you know which alert configuration an application matched.

Step two, click the drop down next to "Alert on" to select which filings should trigger alerts for your alerted applications:

Step three, click "+Add Rule" to set the rules an application should match before you receive an alert.

You can customize your alerts based on office action or response counts, examiner metrics, and more. Click the save button and your alert configuration is complete.

Example Alert Configurations

Below are some example alert configurations that our clients have used to assist in making quick prosecutorial decisions.

Recommend a CON

This alert identifies applications in front of examiners with a high allowance rate. The high allowance rate may indicate a continuation should be filed to expand the patent family. Adding a condition with the examiner's continuation allowance rate ensures that the examiner's high overall allowance rate extends to continuations.

Lengthy Prosecution

Setting an alert for applications where there have been more office actions than the examiner's average to allowance can help identify prosecutions that are longer than usual or may require a change in strategy.

Interview Recommended

Setting an alert for applications with no interviews where there has been a final rejection and the examiner's interview win rate is higher than the examiner's RCE and appeal win rates can help know when it's time to recommend an interview.

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