Use Juristat to Perform a Market Analysis.

Some common projects for business development or marketing teams is to identify emerging technologies, the big players in an area of technology, find out what art units applications claiming a certain type of technology are assigned to, or generate a landscape analysis.

To get started with any of those projects, you can perform a keyword or similarity search to identify applications related to the type of technology you're interested in.

Once you have this set of search results, you can click from Table view to the Intelligence view to find out where most of the applications in your search results are grouped.

For example, when searching for "smart contract" OR "smart contracts", we can find out that the most frequent filer is IBM. Changing the dropdown option from Top Assignees at Disposition for Search Results to Art Units will also show these applications are most frequently filed in art units 3685 and 2491.

Understand Juristat's Business Intelligence Data.

Understanding the data and metrics reflected in Juristat's competitive intelligence tools is key to making more informed decisions not only for your current markets, but in identifying future markets of opportunity. To help you better understand how Juristat's data is organized, cleaned, and updated, check out our Master Class webinar taking a Deep Dive into Juristat Data. We also have help articles you can reference to find out how we calculate the metrics used in our Intelligence view.

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