How do I find my examiner’s appeal statistics?

Considering an appeal for a particular application? If so, our examiner statistics can help you determine whether things like a Pre-Appeal Brief Conference can help, how likely it is that the examiner withdraws a rejection after an Appeal Brief is filed, and how many times this examiner has been overturned by the PTAB.

To locate your examiner's report, type the examiner’s name here and click the hyperlinked name when it appears. Now in the examiner's report, scroll down until you see the Appeal Outcomes and Appeals Overview Flow Chart.

The Appeal Outcomes donut charts show the outcomes of an examiner's applications at three stages of the appeal process: the Pre-Appeal Brief Conference, the Appeal Briefing stage, and the PTAB.

The Appeals Overview flow chart shows how many applications reached a particular stage of an appeal. Hovering over the flow chart at various points will show how many applications proceeded through a particular appeal route.

How do I research other appeals in front of my examiner?

After looking at your examiner’s statistics, you may want to find other applications where there has been an appeal to either read the briefing or PTAB decision in order to identify those arguments that were influential to either your examiner or PTAB.

Scrolling past the appeal information and to the bottom of an examiner's report, you will see the Appeals and Outcomes table.

The check boxes at the top allow you to filter down to different sets of apps. If an individual document does not appear in the hyperlinked format, click on the application number in the far left column and then click USPTO Patent Center link to view this application’s image file wrapper.

How do I find my firm or company’s success rate on appeal?

Whether you are responding to an RFP, evaluating outside counsel, or showing value to current or potential clients, Juristat’s Dashboards feature can help.

From Juristat’s home screen, click on the Dashboards icon located on the far left tool bar. Next, click Add Chart located in the top right and scroll down to add the Appeal Outcomes and Appeal Flow Charts using the Add to Dashboard button in the upper right of each chart. Next, scroll to the top and click Save and Return to Dashboard button.

Lastly, you can use the filter bank located on the left to narrow down to a specific set of applications. To see your company’s stats, use the Assignee filter and to see those of a specific outside counsel, apply the Firm filter.

To save your dashboard, scroll to the top and click the Actions button. Doing so, provides a drop down of options to choose from. Saving your dashboard will allow you to quickly rerun it again in the future.

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